This is another Show I entered . My piece is called Heliconia and it is rug hooking and needle felted
March 2020

This is Armor Keller with her painting Green Amazon, beautiful!

I am in a Juried exhibition here in Doylestown, PA. First time ever that I entered in one, I am very happy! My dear friend, Armor Keller , is also there with one of her wonderful paintings, hope you come and see us there!

The Opening was very nice , the exhibition was full of good art! Many people, good food and nice outgoing! This lady bought my piece! I am happy!


I can’t believe that we are ending the 2019, where did the year go? Here we have the Show and Sell again! Hope you all can come!

2019 already!!!

Now we are already in 2019! Where did the time go? I am still working in different projects, in different medias, always enjoying it! Also enjoying all my good friends that show me this beautiful part of the country! I am blessed!

In December, Nurit Bland offered to to a Pop-Up store in her store, so we spend the month of December there. It was fun, we were five artists, clothing, photography, jewels, ceramic, cards, paintings, it was a good mix.

I worked hard for the Show and Sale of the Handweavers of Bucks County, that was in November 2018. It was a very good Show, and people liked my work!

  • In August this year I put two pieces in the Employee Art Exhibition of Johnson&Johnson World Headquarters in New Brunswick NJ, and one of them won the First prize, on the Category adult Crafts, I am very pleased with that of course!
  • My FAMILIA rug was published in the ATHA Magazine, I am so pleased! Here you have it!

June 2018

On June 1st,  we had the Opening of our exhibition The Fabric of Kinship, Anne-Marie, my daughter, and I, at RESN8,  Gallery & Studio, in Bellevue, KY.

It was really wonderful to see so many people looking at  our work. Many good comments, red dots, and lot of hugs, so nice!!!!

The show will go on  until July 28, the Gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday from

10-5. You are most welcome!



April 2018

My Family rug came out in a little space in the April/May 2018 ATHA Art of Rug Hooking issue, I am very excited about that!

Already in another year, the time really flies! Has been a busy year so far.

I have made three commissioned pieces, I really enjoyed it.   One chair cover in rug hooking, for an IKEA bench, in a lot of colors it went to Florida, so the bright colors are good there!


The next one was a tapestry called MEMORIAS,for a dear Venezuelan friend, I included some hints of the Venezuelan flag in it. It is very organic and it fit well in the place where they hang it! I wove it on my small tapestry loom, nice!

The third commission was for My Artisano Foods a piece called STILL LIFE WITH CHEESE,   combining rug hooking and needle felting, I loved specially how the wine glass jar came out! The design is of my daughter Anne-Marie Herrera, I love to work with her designs!

I am working in different pieces now, because Anne-Marie and I are going to have an exhibition in a gallery in Bellevue, KY in June.


July 2017

Amazing a whole year has passed since the last post, so many changes so that it is what it is!

I moved to Doylestown, PA, and now I work at my home, still enjoy a lot making felted pieces, they are like painting with wool, so nice! Actually I made a couple of friends that are doing some felting with me, nice!

I am also working on my family piece, where I have a square for each member of my family.   I have tried to represent each one of  them with the different things they like or do,  hope that they like it!  It has been fun to think more about each one!


I have not finished it, it needs more “polishing” , and also the whipping and the framing which I dont know yet how it will be!  But so far, so good!!

Still doing tapestry in my vertical loom,a friend comissioned one, inspired in Venezuela, our country that is having so much trouble!


July 2016

Already at the middle of the year, time go to fast, many things happens, and it is difficult to keep up!

We are moving from Cincinnati, OH to Doylestown, PA, a big thing! It means leaving  my daughter and family, dear friends, places, all eight years of living, difficult!

I am leaving the Studio, which we have had for the past seven years, sharing with Teresa, and all my other hookers friends, we meet every Wednesday, it is going to be difficult to have something like this there. I have to start to make new friends again, find new hookers friends, but of course I have my family, so all will be well!

But I don’t despair, I can do it!  I am working in this moment in a very friendly and colorful piece that I designed, and Anne-Marie draw it on the linen, and already there is somebody interested in it!

It is a mix media piece, in which I am going to use different materials, we will see how it turns out!

Well, I will keep you posted!



November 2015

This was our show for this year, at the Loveland Art Studios on Main. We had 95 pieces of all kinds: rug hooking, needle felting, punch needle,  quilting, painting, crocheting. It was so much fun to get together some of our friends and do this.




July 2015

Finally I finished Ander’s rug, it was really fun to make it! The colors were my favorites of course!  Loved to make the two side frame with my worms that I had left from  other pieces , it is so much fun!

I am leaving for Spain on July 16, so I will deliver it personally!

I have also been working on my tapestry loom, we will see how it comes out, just working in colors, as usual!

We are going to have an exhibition at the Loveland Studio in October, I will tell you later!

Have a great summer and enjoy life!



April 15


Spring is here finally!


I have been working in different projects.  Just finished Kitty, a rug hooked piece for a stool for a lady , it came out quite well!So I continued hooking another stool that I have to finish, it is going to be red with this on the top!


My newest project is the Andersaurus for my grandkid in Madrid, Ander, he did the design  and I am working on it. I have only made the dinosaur, but it is going to be a pale background with a colorful border, we will see how it turns out. I want to finish it before I travel there to visit them.


February 10

Amazing we are in a new year, where does the time go? We have no time to do all the things we want to do, at least that is my case.

I just returned from California, beautiful state, good weather and nice people. We spent the new year at my son in Pleasanton, nice town, full of galleries, cafes, beautiful small stores. We went to the parks, to the grand city San Francisco, a wonderful one! But the thing that impressed me more was the Pacific Ocean, so calm, so bright and colorful, it really is amazing! It really inspired me!


I finished my projects just for the new year. Daniels rug, and the rug I made of Diego and Luke, where I  felted Diego’s face and the rest is hooked. I think that both projects came out very good!

Now I have to start a new project, I haven’t decided yet, but it will come soon enough!


October 27


The autumn is almost over, the leaves are falling but we can see still the different shades of yellow on the trees, beautiful! I love fall!
This month we have been very active at the Studio in Loveland.
Maria Elena Trabanino, our weaver friend from Salvador, gave us a watercolor paper jewelry class, amazing how you can convert paper in a pendant! It takes a lot of time and patience, but the results are wonderful!


Also Lynn gave us a class in Notan, a very interesting technique in black and white!


Maria Elena and I went to Janie Yates Studio to learn how to weave a small band in special looms made of plastic tubes, fancy! It was a reminder of my learning it in Sweden 33 years ago, the time went where????

Finally I am finishing also Daniel’s rug, it is only the green border and change the colors of the name that is missing, hopefully this week will be done!

The last thing I am doing is putting the labels for the Sale at the Weavers Guild, which I hope you all will all go!


September 22
Yesterday we went to Yellow Springs and got very much inspired with so many beautiful fiber and wonderful work of the people around! I came home with a lot of wool roving in bright colors!
I have been working in my hooking a lot now, it is so much fun!
I am working on “A fish called Sue”, in honor of our dear friend Sue Meyer, she started it made the body of the fish, so I am just finishing, made the water and it will be framed with a braid, I think it will be good that way.


I am also working on a rug for Daniel, one of my grandsons, he made the design. I changed a little the bright colors, but I think it will be interesting. I hope that he likes it!



September 9, 2014
Where did the time go? The summer is almost over, the trees are starting to yellow and are loosing the leaves, autumn is coming, I love autumn, the colors, the air, the skies….
I am working a lot in my rug hooking, but I am weaving in my tapestry loom and doing some felting, some painting as well, a little of everything, it is fun to
have many things to do!
I finished my portrait, it was fun to make, specially as it was painted by Maria Teresa my daughter, and she was excited about it also!


The piece, entitled El Morrocoy (The turtle) was in the Sauder Village Rug Hooking exhibition, so I am very proud for that!
I also finished my Goad desert, a tapestry in the panels, very colorful. I need to do some tapestry once in a while because I need to move my fingers differently than in hooking and felting.

This is also a new piece, El gallo loco, designed by my daughter Anne-Marie, a little whimsical, fun to make.

I am starting a new project of rug hooking, actually two. One is a rug for Daniel, my 8 years old grandkid, based on one of his designs. I am still wainting for Diego’s, 12 years old, design! The other one is a rug hooked tapestry, using different kind of materials and techniques, different heights also, we will see, it is still in paper and in my head, I will show you later!
I am working in some small pieces to take to the Weavers Guild Annual Sale, we will see!

April 4
My new project is finished! I transferred a design made by Andres Ignacio, my grandson, to a hooked rug. It has bright colors, he loves them as much as I do! I am very happy with it, but it is a SECRET!!! I made it for his First Communion, that is going to be held on April 6, I hope he likes it! I really enjoy making rugs from the designs of my family, we will see which one is the next!


Andres liked his rug very much, he recognized his drawing. Here it is on the floor already! I am happy!

It is already the last day of February, Maria’s day by the Swedish Calender, amazing how the time flies! I have been working with a new piece that I started at the class that Donna Hrkman, wonderful hooking teacher, gave us at the WGGC.
It is based on a painting that Maria Teresa, my daughter in Madrid, did of me, when I was a year old, but the fantasy is hers! It was a good theme to start with Donna, as she is very good doing portraits.
Here you will see the actual painting, my design on the linen, and now as far as I have come. I will post later the whole process.
I am enjoying a lot the adventure!


Today is March 13 and I finished the piece, well almost, I have to make a border, I am working on that. Here it is how it looks now.

Last night was the Opening of our FELT & FIBER show at the Clifton Cultural Art Center it was really nice, we had fun a we had quite a number of people visiting us. We have 77 pieces exhibited, please come and see any time until January 16th, 2014.


You are all invited to our December show FELT AND FIBER at the Clifton Cultural Art Center, in Cincinnati OH. We will have a wide selection of hooked, felted and punchneedle pieces in multicolor done by very good fiber artists!
We also have a Circles and color challenge, that was born in our Studio at the Loveland Art Studios on Main, in Loveland OH. There several fiber artist designed and executed delightfull patterns, come and see them!
Hope to see you all at the Opening on Dec 12, from 6 to 8pm.


Amazing December is here almost !!!    And so is the cold, winter is here!!!

We  were at the SecretArtWorks party last Friday night. It was so much fun to see so many people connected with the art.


Many many pieces were sold, mine went also, I am happy!  Anne-Marie, Charlotte and I had a very good looking at the great art !November 25, 2013


Amazing already in the middle of April, the time flies…but I have acomplished several tasks.

I finished my Circle of Life, 31 circles for the month of January, and interesting challenge of The Welcome Mat, that put us to work!


It was fun for each day I had  to think what to do, and this is the result, I even have a golden circle in there!

Also Wanda Kerr from The Welcome Mat  gave us a pattern “The Moon and the Tree” and guided us through the process of  doing night time with a moon and the reflections on the river and the tree, not so easy but it was fun!


Now I am working on a Night Lady, in two colors, a design of my daughter Anne-Marie. She was doing a painting of her, and I said, I want to do that in rug hooking. It is not finished but I am working hard to finish it to take it to Cedar Lakes Rug Hooking Camp in May.


It is not finished, it needs the border, which is going to be light blue, and then I have to think how to frame it!  I loved to make this one because as you can see there are variations of blue and yellow, and it is amazing how much contrasts you can do with the wool!

Also I started to work in needle felting again, it was so much fun. The Weavers Guild had a Challenge called FOTOFOCUS, where you had to make a  piece of art, in fiber, from any picture. I did The cat in the Jar, from a photography of Zoe, my grandaughter .It is her little cat in a painted jar in Margarita Venezuela, where they use to live. This and Isabella’s portrait, in rug hooking, are hanging at the Guild.


So it has been  productive months, I am really happy for that!

April 2013


Here I am posting some of the pictures of our School of Fish Show at the CCAC. It was really good, we had 165 visitors on the Opening! Thank you so much to all that went, and to all the artists.


There were fishes of all kind of media, wood, hooked, punched, stitched, quilted…..you name it!  As you can see it was so much fun, we are very happy with the results!

We hope to have another show soon!


The show is almost here! we have so many new fishes, all of them so cool, it is going to be a wonderful experience to see them  all together. The space at the CCAC is big, so it will be so good!

I hope to see you all there! By the way, the  fish on the card is my FISH DECO, I think it came out good. Come and see it in person!


2013!!  Amazing how the time flies, and how many things we have to acomplish this year!

We are starting with a new SCHOOL OF FISH show at the CCAC,Clifton Cultural Art Center, here in Cincinnati on February 21st.  We have been”swimming” a lot since last year. First we were at Xavier University,after that at our main gallery at the Loveland Art Studios on Main, here in Loveland. In November we had the show at the Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati, we had very good comments then. And now to the CCAC!

The good thing is that each time new fishes have been added to the collection, so it is really wonderful! We have many surprises for this one!

Other than that I have been working hard specially with my rug hooking, I want to have a good selection to see if I can set it up some where in a Gallery, who knows!

Also I joined a challenge at The Welcome Mat,The Circle of Life,a circle a day, during january. It means that I have to fit 31 circles in my rug…I am having so much fun,because each day a start a new one that I had not decided how, what color,what size..it is like building up a LEGO toy!

So I am happy doing what  I do,glad that I dont have to go outside today specially, it is 7 F!


This is my Deco fish!

January 22, 2013



Featured Artist   of June 2012 ,    at  the Loveland Art Council,   what an honor!

Foto: Loveland Arts Council Member Gun-Marie Nalsen with her works
    • Loveland Arts Council

      Loveland Arts Council member Gun-Marie Nalsen was born in Sweden but grew up in Venezuela and you can see those influences in her work. She is a member of the Weavers Guild of Cincinnati and has a studio in the basement of the Loveland Arti…st Studios on Main where you can see some of her work this Second Saturday June 9th from 6:00pm to 10:00pm and talk to her about punch needle classes  She co-produced the show “Color Gamut” which is currently on display in the Gallagher Center at Xavier University. To find out more, go to https://gunmarietextiles.com/Ver más


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May 2012

Amazing how the time flies!

Again we are almost in summer, it is late May , where did it go? I suposse that as I am busy it goes more quickly, so be it!

Just returned from Cedar Lakes Rug Hooking Camp at Ripley, WV.Wonderful place, all green and peaceful. We had a very good teacher, Marjorie Duizer, from Canada. She really did  well with us, we even dyed with food color!  We worked hard,and learned different techniques of finishing the rugs borders, interesting. We had also new hookers so it was fun!

my piece

 This is Anne-Marie’s old crate that I used to display our new designs KUL, they were well received,sold several  and had some orders, so good!  Hope that we will sell a lot!


The summer came and went…the fall is here, beautiful colors, rainy days, lots of work done, many projects……….what else can I ask for?

The summer was hot in Madrid, I visited my daughter Maria Teresa and her family and spent good times with them. Went  visiting Museums, parks, and also we went to Galicia, to the beach, but it was cold! After that Maria  Teresa came back with me to Cincinnati where she spent one month  meeting her brothers and sister who had not been together in 10 years! So it was really wonderful to have  almost everybody here! She is a painter,Anne-Marie my oldest is an artist  also, and just moved to Cincinnati, so we spent many hours in my basement doing art the three of us, wonderful!

This months has been wonderful, we had a workshop with Martina Celerin (www.martinacelerin.com) at the Weavers Guild,  we had three wonderful days working in a 3D project!  The on the 19 we went to Lancaster PN, to the ATHA Biennal Rug Hooking meeting, where more than 500 people met. I took two classes. The first with Judy Carter , doing a tigers eye, interesting and difficult, but I will complete it soon. The second class was with Pris Buttler, about Gustav Klimt’s work, lots of colors there! I learned a lot and  enjoyed both classes.

We came home to work hard as we have the  2011 Fiber  Arts Sale  of the Weavers Guild in november and also Winterfair, so I am doing my best to get everything done!

This month is also the  Breast Cancer Brick Auction,    (www.breastcancerbricks.org)     where I participated as well .  I was also invited to the SecretArtWorks (www.artworkscincinnati.org ) this year, so I sent my piece for the exhibition which will take place on friday, november 18,2011  . So I have been pretty busy as you can see.

Also we had the visit of our dear friend from El Salvador , Maria Elena Trabanino, with whom we spent several days weaving and hooking, a pleasure!

So what else can I ask for…… beautiful family,  good friends, a lot of work that I enjoy……..

So I have to say ……. enjoy life!

C-free      breast cancer brick 2011

Martina Celerin class

Judy Carters class

Pris Buttler’s class

Pescao,  my punchneedle piece that was on the SecretArtWorks  2011

El verano llegó y se fue … el otoño esta  aquí, hermosos colores, días de lluvia, un montón de trabajo hecho, muchos proyectos … … …. ¿Qué más puedo pedir?

El verano fue caluroso en Madrid, visité a mi hija María Teresa y su familia y pase buenos momentos con ellos. Visitamos museos, parques, y también fuimos a Galicia, a la playa, pero hacía frío! Después María Teresa regresó conmigo a Cincinnati, donde pasó un mes con sus hermanos y hermana  ya que no  se habían reunido en 10 años! Así que fue realmente maravilloso tener casi todo el mundo aquí!  Ella es pintora y Anne-Marie mi hija mayor es artista también, y se mudó a Cincinnati recientemente, así que pasamos muchas horas en mi sótano haciendo arte, maravilloso!

Este mes ha sido buenisimo.Tuvimos un taller con Martina Celerin (www.martinacelerin.com) en el Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati, tuvimos tres días de trabajo en un proyecto en 3D, riquisimo!  El 19 fuimos a Lancaster PN, en la reunión de ATHA Biennal, donde más de 500 personas se dieron cita. Tomé dos clases. La primera con Judy Carter, haciendo el ojo de un tigre, interesante y difícil, pero lo voy a terminar pronto. La segunda clase fue con Pris Buttler, sobre la obra de Gustav Klimt, montones de colores maravillosos! Aprendi muchisimo y disfrute un monton en las clases.
Luego volvimos a casa a trabajar duro ya que tenemos  en noviembre,  el 2011 Fiber Arts Sale en el Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati y también Winterfair, por lo que estoy trabajando duro para producir!

Este mes también es la Subasta de los Breast Cancer Bricks  (www.breastcancerbricks.org) en el que también participo.  Asi mismo me invitaron a la SecretArtWorks (www.artworkscincinnati.org) este año, así que envié mi pieza para la exposición que tendrá lugar el viernes, Noviembre 18,2011. Como ven  he estado bastante ocupada .

También tuvimos la visita de nuestra querida amiga de El Salvador, María Elena Trabanino, con quien pasamos varios días tejiendo en el telar que me presto mi amiga Ruthie y haciendo rug hooking en nuestro estudio en Loveland.

Entonces, qué más puedo pedir … ..una bella familia, buenos amigos, un montón de trabajo  que me encanta … … ..

Así que tengo que decir … …. disfruten  de la vida!

Octubre 2011


April and May, good months

Long time since I wrote. We are in June already, we did not see much of a spring, and now it is hot, nice! We need the sun to charge the batteries!

Many things have happened . I have a piece in the show FACES AND FORMS IN FIBER, of the members  the WGGC, in the YWCA Womens Gallery, in Walnut St, interesting show, because there we can see all kinds of ways to use the fiber, and also gave us the opportnity to see the work of many of our friends at the Guild, which we dont see very often, we had a good time!

Also Charlotte Davis and I worked together, in a project for the GREENPIECE show, at the Weavers Guild, this spring. We made a Dalahast, a horse from Dalecarlia, which is the icon of Sweden. It was so much fun to make it. We bought a rocking horse from GOODWILL, and used many wool sweaters  Charlotte has collected over the years, that she felted ,disambled and made the body of the horse, as well as the grass. I rug hooked the saddle and other ornaments with wool fabric. We really met the out lines of the show: green and/or recycled fibers!  I also have in that exhibition my EXOTIC FRUITS rug, that I hooked with different kinds of  recycled materials like silk, wool fabric, wool yarn, fleece, t-shirt and cotton fabric, all hooked together with the green!  It was fun to see how the different materials can be hooked, quite an experience!

The first week of May, we went to Cedar lakes Rug Hooking Camp, at Ripley, WV. This was my third year there. It is a beautiful location, many hookers, wonderful teachers. I took a class with Anne Boissonot, a wonderful person, who is really good in colors. I took my MORROCOYES designed by Anne-Marie, my daughter, which has a lot of color! It was fun to see how the color came together! it is almost done by now, I am very happy with it.  We spent a week at Cedar Lakes, I met nice people. We had a show of 140 rugs, which were one more beautiful than the other, it was really something! Nancy Blair, and her daughter Kati, really made our lifes happy with all the beautiful stuff they had at the store and all the good organization of the event.

Now we are preparing a show HOT HOT HOT , at Sharonville Art Center, at the beginning of july, I hope that it will be good!

I am very happy because in the beginning of july I am leaving for Spain, to visit my  other daughter, Maria Teresa and her family, I am going to spend two months. I am planning to go to Valencia and Barcelona, to visit Gaudi, I will tell you later!

Also at the end of august, finally, my daughter Anne-Marie, her husband Tadeo, and Zoe my granddaughter, are coming to Cincinnati, Mateo her son is already here ,to live.It is wonderful to have almost all of them here. I feel like a Mama Hen !

Have a nice summer…enjoy life……make art!!!

June 2011

Show and tell, discussing the pieces at Cedar Lakes

The teachers                                                                                                        M

My table, many colors!

The class

My classmates at Cedar Lakes Rug Hooking Camp

Exotic fruits  at the Greenpiece show

“Dalahast”  at the Greenpiece show

“Barb’s Dream”, my piece at the YWCA June 2011


The 2011 is here already, and January is almost ending, amazing how time flies! I have been working  hooking my Life Rug, the last weeks because I want to show it in our Loveland Art Fiber Show in March. What is it all about my rug……..Well I decided I wanted to put  my story in a rug , so when I was in Margarita in 2009, Anne-Marie, my daughter  and I, worked in the design of it. It was not until I went to a workshop in Cedar Lakes Rug Camp, in May 2010 ,with Susan Feller, that I really started it. She helped me with the final design, the colors, so off I went!

It is divided in four parts and has an orange road, my life road, that divides it. From botton to top: the first part is Sweden,  which is my ancesters place, I was born there  . I wanted a forest with birchs, and a red little cabin,  because my Mom just loved them! A Dalahast, which is an orange painted wooden horse that is the symbol of Sweden,  a Swedish flag , a Santa Lucia .My parents are going to be there too, the last two, are going to be done in in punchneedle., this is in process.

The second part is my life in Venezuela, where I grew up, there you can see Caracas, with its big mountain, the Avila, and the city under it.  At the bottom right  you can see a church and some plantations, were we used to live.  To the right in a circle  is a sunset at the Orinoco River, in Mapire, a small town where we spend many summers as a family, beautiful place. On the left circle is the beach, where I spend as a child, every weekend, my father loved it!

As we continue my life road, orange of course, we get to the third part:  my family and friends. Where my heart is. The big circles, represent my four kids, with their families, in process, and it is going to be done in punchneedle. The small dots represent my numerous friends from all times.

The upper part of the rug, quite unfinish, is my creative life, you can see me in the bend of the road walking to it! There is going to be a piece of weaving that I made, that represents my long time in weaving, imagine over 30 years, since I learned it in Sweden!. There is also going to be a hook, representing my actual  work, most of the rug is rug hooked, a roll of yarn, and also want to have something representing  the Loveland Artist Studios on Main, I am still working on it.

So as you can see I am almost there, it has been really fun to make it, I am still working on it. Here you can see some of the pictures of the rug in process, hope that you like it!

January 2011

El 2011 ya está aquí, y enero  ya casi termina, increíble cómo pasa el tiempo! He estado trabajando en rug hooking haciendo el tapiz de Mi Vida durante las últimas semanas porque quiero mostrarlo en la exposicion  Loveland Fiber Art Show en marzo. . ¿De que se trata  mi alfombra .?……. Bueno, decidí que quería contar mi historia en una alfombra, así que cuando estaba en Margarita en el 2009, Anne-Marie mi hija ,y yo, trabajamos en el diseño de la misma. No fue hasta que fui a un taller en Cedar Lake Rug Hooking Camp , en mayo del 2010, con Susan Feller, que realmente empece. Ella me ayudó con el diseño final y los colores de las lanas a usar.
Se divide en cuatro partes y tiene un camino de color naranja,el camino de la vida, que lo divide. De abajo hacia arriba:  la primera parte es Suecia, el lugar de mis antepasados, donde nací .Yo quería un bosque con abedules, y una pequeña casa roja, porque mi mamá amaba esos sitios! Un Dalahast, que es un caballo de madera color naranja que es el símbolo de Suecia, una bandera sueca, una Santa Lucía. Mis padres van a estar allí también, ambos circulos  los voy a hacer  en punchneedle., esto esta en proceso.
La segunda parte es mi vida en Venezuela, donde me crié. Allí se puede ver a Caracas, con su gran montaña, el Ávila, y la ciudad a sus faldas.. En la parte inferior derecha se puede ver una iglesia y unas plantaciones, donde  vivíamos. A la derecha en un círculo hay  una puesta de sol sobre el río Orinoco, en Mapire, un pequeño pueblo donde pasamos muchos veranos ,un lugar muy bonito. En el círculo de la izquierda esta la playa, donde pase mi infancia, cada fin de semana,  a mi papa le encantaba!
A medida que continua mi camino de la vida, naranja  por supuesto, llegamos a la tercera parte: mi familia y  mis amigos. Donde está mi corazón. Los círculos grandes, representan mis cuatro hijos, con sus familias, en proceso, los voy a hacer en punchneedle. Los pequeños puntos representan a mi numerosos amigos de todos los tiempos y sitios.
La parte superior de la alfombra, no terminada,  es mi vida creative. Me pueden ver en la curva de la carretera ! Hay un  tejido que hice, que representa mi tiempo en el tejido, imaginen más de 30 años, desde que lo aprendi en Suecia!. También va haber un “hook”,un gancho, que representa mi trabajo actual, la mayor parte de la alfombra esta hecha en” rug hooking”,. Va a haber un rollo de lana, y también  quiero poner algo que represente el Loveland Artist Studios on Main,  donde tenemos nuestro Estudio, pero aun esta sin terminar.
Así que como pueden ver estoy casi allí, ha sido muy divertido hacerlo, sobre todo ir recordando diferentes etapas de mi vida. Aquí hay algunas fotos de la alfombra en proceso, espero que les guste!

Enero 2011


OCTOBER already!!!! what happened? SEPTEMBER just rushed by, too bad!  Well actually, we had a good september, Anne-Marie and I worked a lot for the Loveland Art Show, we had a good time, she sold some big pieces, good!, and  I also sold my “olive” bag, it is beautiful, but a lot of work,  my friend Debbie helped me with the lining, because I am not good at sewing, so I hope that the lady enjoys it! I also sold some of my weavings, which is good, because I am at that again, thanks to my friend Ruthie, she lended me a wonderful loom, it is so good to have such  good and talented friends!  We had our Second Saturday as usual, wher we had the exhibition IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY, where Anne-Marie, Zoe and Mateo showed their art, many people liked it! The wednesday meetings, where we exchange ideas, talk about challenges, really fun. Our friend from El Salvador, Maria Elena Trabanino,visited us at the Studio and showed us her beautiful weavings dyed with indigo and other natural products. Anne-Marie had two classes at our Studio, Gold and Silver Leafing and Colot Embossing, they really enjoyed working with the metals and the colors.    It was a good month1

OCTUBRE esta aqui! que paso con SEPTIEMBRE…….paso volando!!! en realidad Anne-Marie y yo trabajamos un monton para el Loveland Art Show, ella vendio unas piezas grandes y yo vendi mi cartera en rug hooking, que ME quedo linda, pero dio mucho trabajo, menos mal que mi amiga Debbie me ayudo con el forro! Tambien vendi algunas de mis piezas tejidas en telar, pues estoy tejiendo de nuevo, rico, gracias a Ruthie mi amiga que me presto un telarcito buenisimo, que bueno es tener amigas asi!  Tuvimos nuestro acostumbrado Second Saturday , donde tuvimos la exposicion IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY, de Anne-Marie, Zoe y Mateo, quedo muy linda, le gusto mucho a la gente. Las reuniones de los miercoles, con las amigas , donde discutimos nuevos proyectos, tecnicas, eventos, muy sabroso realmente.  Nuestra amiga de El Salvador, Maria Elena Trabanino, nos visito, y ademas compartio con nosotras sus bellos tejidos tenidos con indigo y otros productos naturales.  Anne-Marie tuvo dos clases de Hojillado en oro y plata y de esgrafiado con colores, disfrutaron un monton esas clases, asi que estamos contentas!   La verdad es que fue un mes muy productivo!

15 OCTUBRE 2010


AUGUST!!!!!!  time to work double, the Loveland Art Show is almost here, as well the Second Saturday at the Loveland Artist Studios on Main and the Russian Festival, many events to look forward.

I have big news…….. last year I paricipated in the Secret ArtWorks event , where more than 500 artist showed their work, and I just found out that I was selected as one of the Top 100 Secret Works of Art from 2009  Secret ArtWorks event.  It means that I am going to participate in their annual exhibition called  EXPOSED: Top 100 Secret Artist of 2009, that will take place between october 22 and November 28, 2010, it is an honour for me, so now I have to start working for that the deadline is september 3rd. I am very happy!!

Another good news: on August 9, my daughter Anne-Marie, and grandchildren Zoe and Mateo, are coming to Cincinnati from Vebnezuela.  All of them are artists also, Anne-Marie works with wood, fiber and paints, Zoe is in an Art School in Margarita and Mateo is a great photographer, so we will have an exhibition for them, probably at the Loveland Artist Studios on Main. It is going to be fun to be all together!

AGOSTO ya esta aqui! quiere decir que tengo que trabajar doble, pues ya vienen el Loveland Art Show, el Russian Festival y el Second Saturday del Loveland Artist Studios on Main, muchos eventos importantes!

Una noticia:  el ano pasado participe en el evento del Secret ArtWorks de Cincinnati, habiamos mas de 500 artistas que enviaron su trabajo, y me entere ayer de que fui seleccionada entre los Top 100 Secret Works of Art del 2009!!!, eso quiere decir que voy a participar en su exposicion anual EXPOSED: Top 100 Secret Artists of 2009, que va a ser entre el 22 de  octubre y el 28 de noviembre, asi que tengo que ponerme a trabajar pues la fecha limite de entrega es el 3 de setiembre!!! Estoy feliz!

Otra buena noticia: el 9 de agosto llegan de Venezuela, mi hija Anne-Marie y mis nietos Zoe y Mateo. Anne-Marie es artista plastico tambien, trabaja en madera, fibras y pinta, Zoe estudia en una Escuela de Arte en Margarita y Mateo es un fotografo excepcional, asi que vamos a hacer una exposicion conjunta probablemente en el Loveland Artist Studios on Main, ya les avisaremos!

Bueno que tengan feliz verano!!!!

2 Agosto 2010


JULY already!!!!!, the time flies, and it is not long enough to do everything that we want to do. June was a busy month, we even took a vacation! I went to Panama beach, Florida, with a group of women, we had so much fun. We rented a condo, and were just relaxing…..beach, pool, food, books, punchneedle, felting, painting…what else did we need! Teresa and I took a “detour” to New Orleans, wonderful city, fish, music, people, noise…, we came back to Cincinnati renovated. Now we have a lot to do for the coming months, the cancer bricks, the Secret Artwork, the Loveland Art Show, the Russian Fair, and also the regular second saturday at the Studio, so we have to start working!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JULIO ya esta aqui!, el tiempo realmente vuela, y no es suficiente para hacer todo lo que queremos. Junio fue un mes bastante movido, pero tomamos unas vacaciones, nos fuimos seis mujeres a Panama Beach, en Florida, alquilamos un condo y nos relajamos, comimos, hablamos, tejimos, pintamos, leimos, nos banamos en el mar y en la piscina, que mas! De regreso Teresa y yo hicimos un pequeno “detour” por New Orleans, ciudad bella, llena de musica, ruido, pescado rico, gente…regresamos a Cincinnati renovadas!

Ahora tenemos que dedicarnos a trabajar duro pues tenemos compromisos como los Cancer bricks, Secret Artwork, Loveland Art Show, Russian Fair, ademas de los Second Saturdays del Estudio, asi que tenemos que ponernos las pilas!!!

July 2010


April is almost gone!!! the flowers and the allergies are here!, we are working in the Cincinnati Flower Show, at Symmed Park in Loveland,  from the 22nd to the 25th ,come and visit us!

Also preparing the Second Saturday at the Loveland Artist Studios, we are having a big Mothers Day Event!

I am very excited because I am going to Cedar Lakes Rug Camp, I am taking a class with Susab Feller, and I am going to start working on my “lifes rug”, I will tell you later!

Ya se acabo Abril, y con la primavera llegaron las flores y las alergias! En este momento estamos trabajando en el Cincinnati Flower Show, en Symmes Park en Loveland,desde el 22 al 25, vengan a visitarnos!

Tambien estamos preparandonos para el gran evento del Dia de la Madre en el Loveland Artist Studios on Main, el jueves 6 y el sabado 8, no dejen de venir!

El fin de semana del 9 voy al Cedar Lakes Rug Camp, asistire a unas clases de Susan Feller, una “hooker” muy conocida, y voy a trabajar en tapiz de “mi vida”, luego les cuento que tal.

Abril 24, 2010


March is almost over!!! today we have snow again after beautiful weather, that is the way it is here in the north! I am working a lot on my projects to take to the Cincinnati Flower Show, in late April, we hope to do well there. We are representing Loveland Artist Studios on Main, two jewelers, two painters and to fiber artists, nice combination! Hope to see you all there!

Ya se acabo marzo, como pasa el tiempo! Amanecio nevado, despues de muchos dias de buen tiempo, asi es el clima por aqui en el norte.  Estoy trabajando en mis proyectos para el Cincinnati Fower Show, a finales de abril, un Show bastante importante aqui, esperamos que nos vaya bien.  Vamos representando el Loveland Artist Studios on Main, seis artistas: dos joyeras, dos pintoras y Teresa y yo que trabajamos con fibras, va a ser interesante. Los esperamos por alla!!!

March 26, 2010


The new year began, with a lots of snow and lots of  new classes to attend, which is what I like to do, learn new things!!!  I went to Fox Cottage in Dayton to  Susan Fellers FRAKTURS class, wonderful, there we began talking about designs, and actually drawing them, it was awsome!!! My swedish background is coming back as a grow older, amazing, I am interested in old scandinavian designs, so that I did, I drew up a flower with  rich borders, it is not done yet, and I will put my parents letters in it, is a tribute to them, I am very excited about it! I will put a picture as soon as I am more advanced.

I also made a Dalahast, which is the small red  wooden horse that is a symbol of Sweden, it is also in its way to be finish, both pieces are in rug hooking, I love it!!!

Ahora es espanol!!! Estoy en una nota de my “suequidad”, de repente me interese en disenos de 1700-1800 escandinavos, asi que fui a una clase  de FRAKTURS en Fox Cottage en Dayton, con una profesora, Susan Feller, que es una maravilla, nos puso a disenar nuestras alfombras, y salio una flor de esa epoca ,en la parte de abajo tiene un corazon con los colores de la bandera de Suecia, pero, los bordes, anchos y ricos en color, por alguna razon misteriosa, tienen el amarillo, azul y rojo de nuestra bandera venezolana, creo que tenia que ser asi!, en la parte de abajo van las iniciales de mi Papa y mi Mama, con el monograma de mis dos apellidos, Nalsen Hasselblad, es un tributo para ellos,  estoy trabajando en eso, me encanta, es en rug hooking, y uso lanas de colores lindos, ya la veran cuando este mas avanzada!

Tambien me dio por hacer un Dalahast, que es el caballito rojo de madera que es el simbolo de Suecia, me esta quedando lindo, ya les ensenare cuando este listo! Tambien es en rug hooking!

Febrero 2010

  O – O – O – O- O

I was born in Sweden, but grew up in Venezuela, so I speak both Swedish and Spanish. I learned how to weave in Sweden in the early 80’s, and went back to Venezuela and taught weaving and tapestry to children in a private school in Caracas and worked my weaving at the Taller Waleker, in El Hatillo, Caracas.  Also did  teaching  in   some of the Art Schools. I have participated in various shows and  exhibitions in Venezuela over the years. Since 2002 I have been coming regularly to Cincinnati, and I am living here permanently since 2008. I joined the Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati, and started working in rug hooking and punch needle. On April 2009, Teresa Nieberding and I started our Studio   at the Loveland Artist Studios on Main  where we work , teach and share our experiences with our fiber art friends. I have participated in exhibitions at  the Salveo Gallery ,  the TRILLIUM Art Show , the Civic Garden Center,the Loveland Artist Studios on Main, recently in the Loveland Art Show, as well as Fiber Art Sale at the Weavers Guild athe Winter Fair and the Secret ArtWorks.  This year I was nominated as one of the Top 100 Secret Artists of 2009, from the ArtWorks in Cincinnati, so I participated in the exhibition EXPOSED: Top 100 Secret Artists of 2009. I also had my work shown at the Breast Cancer Bricks Auction in Cincinnati.


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